Imagined in 2013 as the first streaming music festival in the world.

It all started in a little bar in Northern Minnesota. A group of friends saw legendary flat pick guitarist and String Cheese Incident front man Bill Nersi perform an inspiring, soul-lifting set. After the show, the simple phrase of “Nersh” began to take on alternate meanings. Sentence structure was tarnished and the Nersh was most definitely Nersh. As the summer wore on the friends found themselves reminiscing of the big bearded smile of Bill Nershi running and dancing around that little stage. The glee that overcame us was too powerful. We needed to recreate the positive energy of Nershi in some form or another. The idea….. TA-DA! A music festival themed house party.

Once the idea was created, the rest came easy. With the power of Nersh behind us we crushed the first annual Nershfest. Posters covered the walls, awesome music filled the souls of friends and family,¬†beer was drank, food was ate and big ol’ Nershi smiles were on everyone’s faces.

2013 rivaled any live music festival we had ever been to, and we can’t wait for what’s next.

This summer marks our second go-a-round at this very special event. Stay tuned for the lineup and a few more surprises as well. We can’t wait to see you on the festival grounds! NershCloud